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Newest Member of the R Consortium

With so many industry-leading organizations as supporters, Lander Analytics is very proud to announce we are now members of the R Consortium. We are thrilled to join in appreciation of the open source governance and foundation model that provides tangible benefits to the growing R community, the R Foundation, meetup groups and individual users. Joining further strengthens our company’s commitment to utilizing, maintaining and supporting R software.

Likewise, we highly value the efforts of the R Consortium to expand the use of R across many varied industries. Countless enterprises are embracing R in their operations and we appreciate all initiatives that further encourage open source development.

Lander Analytics is committed to contributing to the organization and the R community in general. We continue to offer training sessions and workshops to further educate and support ongoing engagement through our New York and Government R Conferences. Members of our team continually write open source packages and assist other like minded contributors. The pharmaceutical field, in particular, is ripe for innovation and we look forward to building on the R Consortium’s recent success from their submission of a test package utilizing R to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The R Consortium is a positive force for our community and we are proud to be joining. We look forward to contributing to their mission in the years ahead.

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