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Using Data to Identify Sleepers in the 2021 NFL Draft

Back in 2015, Lander Analytics worked with the Minnesota Vikings to build a predictive model that could increase their chances of picking the best players in the NFL Draft. The project was a success; the Vikings draft class featured several NFL contributors which included the likes of Stefon Diggs, Danielle Hunter and Eric Kendricks, all picked outside of the first round.

Mike Band, an analyst for Next Gen Stats and data scientist at Lander Analytics, and the Next Gen Stats team applied the same principals from our work in the 2015 NFL Draft towards predicting the can't miss prospects and sleepers of the 2021 NFL Draft.

Find out who Mike and the Next Gen Stats team identifies as the day 2 standouts and day 3 hidden gems of the 2021 NFL Draft.

Follow Mike on twitter @MBandNFL to see more of his football analytics work.

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