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Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Welcome to the Lander Analytics blog! This is our first post with many more to come. If you don’t know us already, we are a full-service consulting firm based in New York City, but working with clients on a global basis. Led by Chief Data Scientist Jared P. Lander, we are united by our shared talent and passion for leveraging data science to meet real world challenges. We specialize in data science consulting and infrastructure, including the full gamut of RStudio product assistance; from procurement, implementation and installation to continued maintenance and support. We also offer open source training services for R, Python, Stan, Deep Learning, SQL and numerous other languages and technologies. We want our clients to spend more time understanding their business and less time being weighed down by data without meaning. We offer support in areas like natural language processing, time series forecasting, fraud detection and more.

We will also share our experience as a recognized leader in the open source data community, as we host events like public workshops on the latest tools and the popular annual R Conferences in New York City, Washington, D.C., and soon, Dublin, Ireland. The R Conferences, which our team is passionate about organizing, grew out of the local meetup and were created to foster the R and data communities and serve as fun gathering places where people can learn from their peers in an inviting setting.

On this blog, you’ll find informative posts from our team of experts in different fields on topics like geographic information systems, data visualization, machine learning infrastructure, model training and selection, and artificial intelligence use cases. Our motivation for the blog is our commitment to open source ideals, machine learning and data science.

Lander Analytics is proud to help clients enhance their analytical capabilities to drive value from data, and to continue building the data science community.

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Feb 24

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Alexa john
Alexa john
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